I am a Melbourne based photographer specializing in natural landscape and wilderness photography. For over 25 years the natural world has been a magnet drawing me and my camera into some amazing and humbling places.

Like all landscape photographers I am primarily drawn to light and the attempt to work with it to capture an interesting location in its most dramatic or most subtle mood. Australia is fortunate to still have many natural places to chase this light. Even in my state of Victoria alone there is an amazing variety of environments such as coast, desert, mountain and forest. Trips into these areas requires careful planning to maximize the photographic opportunities and sometimes involves long periods or repeat visits patiently waiting for the right conditions. Many of my images were taken on extended walks and often involved pre-dawn starts to the day and late finishes in order to capture the best possible lighting conditions. Often disappointment comes in the form of clouds obscuring the sunrise or mist blowing away just as a shot is being composed. But when all the elements come together just for a moment it is possible to feel a real sense of place and glimpse something of the intangible mystery of the natural world. If I can capture something of the emotion of that moment in a photograph and convey this to the viewer then the image is a success. Of course this is a work in progress and my best image is the one I haven’t taken yet.

The photographs in the galleries are visually very close to the natural scene at the time of capture. I have matched the scanned transparencies to the original Velia film which were made without colour enhancing filters and I have only made minimal digital adjustments. As I now work from digital negatives some editing is required in Photoshop but I aim to reproduce the lighting of the scene as I saw it. If the colours sometimes look unusual or vivid then that is how it looked when I took the shot.

My first photograph was of a waterfall taken with a Kodak Brownie. It was many years later when I combined my interest in hiking and photography that my camera equipment became a little more sophisticated. Pentax and Nikon 35mm cameras were replaced by a Medium Format Mamiya 645 and I now shoot with a digital Nikon camera system. The one constant has been my interest in landscape. This was inspired by the work of Peter Dombrovskis and other wilderness photographers both in Australia and overseas. Their concern for the protection of the places they photographed was something I also share and my images have been used by the conservation movement in Australia and overseas. I have also provided work on a voluntary basis for a number of environmental organizations including the Victorian National Parks Association and Trust for Nature.

The images in my collection have been widely published in print and on websites. The Commissions page includes further details on my commercial work and some samples of published material. Images for Licensing can be viewed at Lonely Planet Images and the Alamy stock photo site. A link will take you directly to my images on the Alamy site.

If you wish to contact me with any questions about my photography, this website or my image collection please feel free to do so through the Contact link.